Winter walk

What bird makes this kind of nest?  Oriole?  We have three or four along our river walk. The Iowa City Bird Club comes to visit us May 18 and I’m looking forward to learning this kind of stuff. But if you know, please comment below.

birds nest (800x599)


Cedar River iceberg. At least we got a winter this year – and more snow is coming this week! The river is also higher than it has been in many months (though you can still see a sand bar in the foreground). Here’s hoping some serious snowfalls in the north will pay off this summer.

Cedar River iceberg (800x600)


Jackson and honey locust trees. These trees are great hardwoods and large mammals love their seed pods, but they’re difficult to handle because of the humongous spikes on them. This hill is slated for a prairie planting as soon as the weather permits a burn.

Jackson and honey locusts


Buddy with a snow mustache. We haven’t been getting out on walks much, so this was a must! Otherwise he takes off down the road by himself to go harass the dogs in kennels at our neighbors’ houses.

Buddy snow mustache

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  1. Love the nest!!! Just went mushroom hunting last night and saw a nest like the one shown!!! Actually googled it this morning, thought it was goldfinches. Orioles yea:))) Awesome!!! Already had my oranges on the feeder:)

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