Spring at Draco Hill

Spring has finally arrived and everything’s on the move – the people, the livestock, the wildlife, the river, the earthworms. Here’s our latest –

The guineas are giving us eggs and are now roaming the premises. We’re now getting about one per day, which tells us we probably have two young hens providing job (and life) security for the rest of the flock. Thanks to Paul Trieu for this photo.

bird and eggs in coop


This young herd of deer moved through yesterday. They’re beautiful and it’s hard to hate them except for the damage they do…Everything in balance. That’s all we ask.

deer herd 2014


Also this last week, Paul posted some great new rants on Soapbox as well as the speech he gave when he was given the Malinowski Award in New Mexico last week by the Society for Applied Anthropology.

Suzan’s been organizing Draco Hill’s first writers’ workshop – interested in spending a day at Draco Hill to improve your writing? Let us know!

We’re starting up our organic food production (it’s gardening on steroids to feed our friends, family and guests). In the last week we’ve started and/or planted

  • lettuce
  • spinach
  • carrots
  • broccoli
  • kale
  • tomatoes
  • peppers
  • arugula

And finally, our first WWOOFer arrives Monday and we’re looking forward to having Andy around for a while, sharing his time between Versaland Farm and Draco Hill. If you’re interested in WWOOFing, please let us know. Site prep for our new orchard begins as soon as the rain ends this week.

2 thoughts on “Spring at Draco Hill

  1. All your projects sound exciting, and we look forward to visiting. It’s funny that last night I dreamt a friend was making a movie about urban agriculture in Altadena; reading this today I wonder if you are recording some of your accomplishments/experiments in this media? We feel spring here, too. About 5 minutes ago I just had to take pictures of our courtyard garden as it seems it could never be more beautiful than it is today.

    1. Michele, we haven’t moved into video yet, but do try to document best we can with photos. Spring is taking its time getting here. Up to a foot of snow was forecast for parts of Iowa last night! But we’re doing all we can to move it along. When are you guys planning to visit?

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