Permaculture Workshop April 19

Spring at Draco Hill 1 (800x600)Want to learn how to build a maintenance-free edible forest garden? 

Reserve your space now at a free, hands-on workshop Friday April 19. Arrive at 11:30 a.m. We’ll provide lunch and then get to work. After sunset, we’ll celebrate our success with the appropriate Friday night refreshments!

Fred Meyer from Backyard Abundance is designing the 60′ x 100′ space to fill a Draco Hill forest garden of cherryapple and fig trees, berry bushes, persimmons, rhubarb and other great stuff as part of an edible path to the river.

Fred will teach you the basics of permaculture design. Learn about:

  • Properly siting a permaculture project
  • Letting the ground store the water
  • Plant guilds
  • Root systems that work together

RSVP  so we have enough food and drink. We’re just 25 minutes from Iowa City, halfway between West Branch and Tipton. (Map) Come dressed and ready to play in the dirt!

Can’t make the whole day? Stop by in the afternoon for as long as you can. We’ll be glad to have you! 

Your Draco Hill hosts are springing for the cost of the workshop, but donations to Backyard Abundance or the evening’s refreshments always appreciated.

Remember, space is limited, so let us know you’re coming.



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