Orchard site prep continues

We’re racing against time now to drop all the box elders, black cherries, ashes and mulberries before the prairie grows back for the summer. Once that happens we’ll have a hard time getting the tops and firewood out of the grass. This week, Suzan took down box elders, Paul split and stacked firewood, Suzan and Dee dragged brush to some soil retention dams they’re building along some trails.

taking out trees

Then neighbors Dan and Nate Miller came to help take down (and haul off) some black cherries too big for Suzan to tackle with her 16 inch chainsaw.

black cherry trees

Funny, looks like I never got a photo of the massive chainsaw Nate bought recently and that cut through these trees like they were butter…well, until…



It didn’t, and he needed the tractor to encourage the trees to fall in the right direction. Hey! Another reason to buy a tractor! (Oh wait! There’s the chainsaw in Dan’s hand in the bottom photo!)