More ‘shrooms and the bluest blue

Our neighbor Kerri Leach texted me yesterday and said, “Want some shitakes?” and I said “Sure! C’mon over” and then realized, “Wait, WE grow shitakes! Wonder if those darned logs are fruiting.” And of course then there are the oyster mushroom “Shroomhenge” and the wine caps that the good students at Scattergood scattered around the lower permaculture two years ago…so we went a’huntin’ and here was our haul:

winecaps and shitakes


The wine caps won out. We found them around many of the fruit trees we had planted, and hiding under some massive comfrey plants I planted last spring. Some were too old, but most were just right, and we ate a feast last night, and tonight Paul’s making potato soup with our mushrooms and with leeks, potatoes and dill from the garden.

Who knew so much good stuff pops out of the ground in the fall?

But we can’t say goodbye to summer without one great shot of an indigo bunting that was hanging around our garden all summer.



indigo bunting