Insulation and drainage

Foundation (20) (640x480)Draco Hill uses the earth as insulation on three sides of the house and a special drainage system around that envelope to keep hydrostatic pressure from building up.

  • It’s built with Eco-block Styrofoam and concrete walls and Form-a-drain footing drainage system for insulation of R-22.
  • The underslab insulation is 1 in. Dow rigid insulation plus 2 in. Dow rigid insulation for R-15.
  • The outer wall insulation is an average of 5 in. open cell foam insulation for R-25.
  • The ceiling is 1 in. open cell foam insulation covering entire ceiling after drywall (R-5) with 18 in. of blown in fiberglass over it (R-40) for a total R value of 45.
  • Foundation (27) (480x640)