In sync

An energy-efficient home nestled in the prairie. We’ve learned since moving here that every decision we make about how we live has a domino effect on so many other parts of our lives. We bought this land in 1997, before we understood the idea of “carbon footprint” and how living 25 miles from a metropolitan area meant that much more fuel to come and go. But we believe we’ve made the most of our choice by

  • including an apartment in our home (our own version of co-housing),
  • growing much of our own food,
  • harvesting venison (with the help of hunter friends),
  • purchasing beef, pork and chicken from farmers in our county, and
  • becoming better stewards every day of the land we own.


house and flowers July 2013 cropped

Other choices we’ve made:

There is so much more to learn! We invite you to visit us or contact us about what we’re doing here at Draco Hill if it will help you with your own project.





2 thoughts on “In sync

  1. I think you made the right decision. You have such a wonderful place–the picture from the east is gorgeous. Thanks for sending it.

    I’m jealous of all the things you are doing for the land and the farming way of life. I’m glad you are getting at it while you are young. I mean that literally–even Paul, starting his eighth decade, is relatively young. Your eighth and ninth decades can be very productive and satisfying and fun. You should enjoy life in your rural home.
    Hope you have a Peaceful and Relaxing Holiday Season.
    Love to both of you,

    Don L.

    1. Thanks Don! I’m working on the site this winter and trying to update some things, so forgive me if you get posts that don’t seem particularly interesting since you know the place so well.

      You are an inspiration to us, know that. Thank you for all of your work over the years, your generous spirit and your kind heart. Have a Merry Christmas!

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