Great balls of fire!

Great burn today – three sites, perfect weather and wind, and couldn’t have asked for better from the crew at Earthview Environmental or Mother Nature. Nothing else need be said – here are some photos.

Hollis dropping fire (2)
Hollis dropping fire
Tim checking the line (2)
Tim checking the line
Singed hazelnut
Watching over the hazelnut
Reed with fire
Reed with fire (I promised I’d report the pyro…)
DSC00983 (800x600)
Walking toward smoke
Crown vetch crisp
Crown vetch crisp
Remant fire and smoke
Remnant on fire
Remant burning
Big bluestem up in smoke


2 thoughts on “Great balls of fire!

  1. Thanks Susan. Great photos of 3 successful burns and I sure recognized the older and kind of heavy guy in the photos. I really look forward to seeing how your remnant responds to our 2nd burn. It still baffles me how your remnant prairie could have survived over so many years of grazing abuse. Tim

  2. Those are good pictures. I love wanctihg the prairie burn; driving thru the smoke, not so much.Have you seen the coffee table book of photographs of the Flint Hills fires? I can’t remember the author, but could look it up if you don’t already have it. It’s gorgeous

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