After the storm

Our farmer friends from Versaland visited us last night in the middle the scariest storm to hit Draco Hill this year. We were glad to be a refuge for them since our power was out for 12 hours anyway. High winds, 4.5 inches of rain but also a fire, s’mores and wine…and then…then…the most amazing rainbow captured our attentions…and we stood out on the patio just staring in awe. And yes, that’s lightning… rainbow with lightning   The rainbow arched over the entire sky in front of us, but I couldn’t fit it all into one picture. rest of rainbow   And today here’s what the Cedar looks like at the culvert in front of the house. Culvert? What culvert? But Buddy and Jackson don’t seem too upset about that… flooding Cedar with Buddy and Jackson We hope our friends and neighbors all escaped unscathed, though we know at least two are flooded in. Here’s hoping the river recedes soon!